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Anger Management

 Anger Management is a class for those that struggle with anger and have an issue with isolated incidents of assault against persons with whom they do not have an intimate relationship.

Anger Management:

  • Teaches skills for conflict management
  • Allows for flexible curriculum topics which are selected by the Program director
  • Discuss how to make adjustments in multiple environments across multiple relationships
  • Specifically targets anger and triggers
  • Looks into all the aspects of clients history, family origin, etc
  • Develop and improve coping behaviors
  • Develop socially acceptable ways to handle anger feelings and thoughts
  • Does not require participants to regularly speak of victim in case by name and relationship
  • Does not challenge male privilege or focus on how power and control influences intimate partner relationship dynamics
  • Does not focus on how the habitual patterns created in intimate partner relationships influence the dynamics of family life
  • Does not specifically target skills to help participants identify with victim’s feelings, needs, or autonomy
  • Does not focus on identifying other emotional triggers for actions/behaviors focusing mainly on anger and temper fueled behaviors


The class is 18 weeks long. The intake costs $60, and $25 per session. W omen’s Anger Management is on Tuesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Men’s Anger Management is on Wednesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. The intake costs $60, and $25 per session. To register, call (409) 833-2668.