Family Services EAP vs. National

Consider the benefits of having Family Services Employee Assistance Program versus some National EAP for your company…

National EAP Provider

  • National EAP providers juggle thousands of Employee Assistance Programs all over the country.
  • To utilize national EAP services, your employees must call a national phone tree so they can be referred out to a local office.
  • When requesting counseling services, your employees are referred to random therapists with whom the National EAP has contracts.
  • National EAP representatives may not be located in the same area as your business and may not be readily available to meet all your needs.
  • Money from national EAP contracts simply adds to the profits of the big national business.

Family Services EAP

  • Family Services EAP is dedicated to providing services to businesses right here in Southeast Texas.
  • To utilize Family Services EAP, your employees call our local office directly and talk to our appointment desk.
  • When requesting counseling services, your employees contact our counseling center directly and receive an appointment from one of our licensed counselors who specialize in their particular problem.
  • Family Services EAP Coordinator is right here in Southeast Texas and is available to regularly consult with executives, managers and supervisors on a continuous basis. In addition, your EAP Coordinator will become familiar with your employees’ needs and corporate culture.
  • Money from Family Services EAP contracts stays in our community as we work to strengthen families.
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