Power and Control – Tactics Used by Male Batterers

Power and Control – Tactics Used by Male Batterers

At Family Services, we provide emergency safe haven for victims of domestic violence.  Most of the victims we help are women and children seeking a way to escape an abusive family situation.

What some don’t know is that we also work very hard with perpetrators of violence (batterers) to break the cycle of violence.

The Power and Control Wheel is an extremely useful tool (developed by The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project) that we use as a part of our curriculum in our Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program and also with women who come to our shelter.

9 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence

85% of domestic violence victims are women. Here in Southeast Texas, the percentage is even greater. At Family Services, we help victims of domestic violence (men and women) by providing them and their children shelter from their abuser.

We help batterers (men and women) break the cycle of violence.

But there are things every man can do to help prevent violence against women.