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About Family Services of Southeast Texas

Our Mission

To strengthen and empower families, individuals and communities through accessible counseling services, shelter services, education and advocacy.

Our History

The Family Welfare Bureau, predecessor of Family Services of Southeast Texas, Inc., was founded in 1931 by public-minded community leaders with the goal of providing financial assistance and social services to needy families. Since that time, Family Services’ commitment to strengthening families has remained constant. Here is a quick look at how our agency has grown to meet the changing needs of families.

  • 1950s – The agency began providing high-quality professional counseling services to the community.
  • 1970s – Home-based services and group support and education for families was added to the list of services.
  • 1980s – Family Services assumed responsibility for family violence shelter services and began to provide group counseling for batterers.
  • 1990s – Family Services began meeting the needs of working families by contracting with local businesses to provide an Employee Assistance Program. School-based services were also added to help children and their families improve communication and living skills.
  • 2000s – The turn of the century brought growth to Family Services with the addition of a 17-unit transitional housing facility for survivors of domestic violence. The agency has also recently expanded community-education services to include anger management for adolescents and marriage education for couples.
  • In 2021, Family Services is becoming a dual accredited shelter, adding services for survivors of sexual assault.
  • As we move forward, Family Services of Southeast Texas is committed to meet the needs of Southeast Texas families, and we have a history of adapting our programs and services to meet those needs.

Our Clients

Family Services of Southeast Texas serves families and individuals in crises. Family Services Counseling Center provides healing to individuals and families who are facing a variety of issues that affect families, such as grief, stress, parenting challenges, marital difficulties, substance abuse and more. Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter provides hope to all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Referral Sources

Often a person comes for counseling or for family-life education workshops after hearing about Family Services Counseling Center from friends or family members. Area physicians, clergy, school personnel, mental health agencies, other social service agencies and counselors in private practice frequently refer. The Counseling Center offers an employee assistance program for several area businesses and insurance networks. Sometimes clients are court-ordered to attend classes at the center.

Women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence and/or sexual assault are often encouraged to come to Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter by police or hospital personnel. Friends and family members, other social service agencies, as well as physicians and clergy frequently refer.

Communities Served

Family Services of Southeast Texas provides services to individuals and families in Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Tyler, Jasper and Newton counties.

Funding & Supporters

Family Services is a private non-profit organization supported by a variety of funding sources.  While we do have grants at both the federal and state levels, we rely heavily on public support.  Consider making a donation today.  We are proud to be a United Way agency.

Service Fees

All services at Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter are confidential and totally free of charge. Services through Family Services Counseling Center are based on a sliding fee scale so that they are accessible and affordable to everyone.