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Boarded windows, doors locked from the outside. There was no escape for Jennifer and her son. For six months, the person she thought had loved her – the person she had loved – physically, sexually, and verbally abused her and refused to let her leave the house. Her son wasn’t allowed to go to school. It was a nightmare on earth.

Early one morning Jennifer’s abuser informed her that he would bring her to apply for food stamps. She immediately began planning their escape. By some miracle, he decided not to go inside with her. He told her to go straight inside, finish the application and then come straight back to the vehicle.

When she opened the door, she immediately broke down in tears and begged them to help her. The staff contacted police, and the police brought her and her son directly to the Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter.

At the Shelter, Jennifer received access free counseling and support services. She was able to enroll her son in a new school so that her abuser wouldn’t be able to find him. She received free legal advocacy, which helped her to press charges against her abuser and obtain a protective order against him.

In a very short period of time, Jennifer regained her independence with the help of Family Services. She obtained employment and moved out of the Shelter. She finally has freedom from the abuse she endured for so long.

Jennifer is so thankful for the help that she received because of people like you! Without our loyal donors, Family Services would not be able to help women like Jennifer.

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Janet Walker
Executive Director

*Names and details have been changed to protect our client’s identity.