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Well parents, the kids have finally returned to school! Yippee!!  Getting back in the routine can be hard.  But, please don’t underestimate the power of the nightly routine.

All of us (even our kiddos) need restful sleep to function well during the day. Not having enough sleep can lead to us feeling cranky, slowed down or restless, & even to making poor decisions throughout the day.  Grades can suffer and some kids may even act out in school.

So, it is important as a parent that you:

  • Keep your kiddos on a regular sleep schedule.
  • Remind your kids that bedtime is coming. (For example, “This is the last TV show for the night”.)
  • Prepare for school the next day by having the children select their clothing & organize backpacks.
  • Turn off electronics 30 minutes before bedtime. Yep, that’s right!! The glow from screens have been found to keep people awake at night. (**Also, parents, be sure to TAKE UP all cell phones, tablets, etc. at night as teens tend to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning.)
  • Develop a nightly routine & follow it every night. This routine or schedule should include bath time, teeth brushing, & story time for the youngsters.  Studies show that reading at night can improve grades and IQ!
  • Finally, don’t forget to do a bed check once you are preparing to go to sleep in order to ensure that everyone is in bed & sleeping soundly.

Best of luck & be sure to get your rest as well.

By Laura Langley, MS, LPC-S