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Have you ever thought about seeing a counselor?  People seek counseling for a variety of reasons.  You don’t have to be “crazy” or have a serious mental health problem to benefit from therapy.

Family Services counselors know that each day they will meet clients that are facing all sorts of life challenges – and that they need support to see them through those challenges.  We are prepared to listen, engage, educate, and help you understand your options.

So, when is the right time?

During serious crisis –

  • A marriage that is falling apart
  • Depression or anxiety that is affecting your ability to function normally (for instance, not wanting to get out of bed or not enjoying your normal hobbies)
  • A traumatic event – death, crime, accident, chronic illness, etc.

Before things get really bad –

Consider counseling before reaching a deep painful place. The support you receive during talk therapy can have a way of keeping your life in balance.

It works when you’re ready –

Only you can decide the timing that’s right for you – and remember that therapy works best for those who are ready to be helped.

So, if you find that you’re feeling sad, angry, or just “not yourself,” or if you have begun using drugs, alcohol, food, or sex to help yourself cope with your problems; think about calling our counseling center.

The Counselors at Family Services of Southeast Texas serve individuals of all ages as well as families.  We will provide services and referrals as needed and are willing to assist our clients with whatever issues they have.

Most insurance accepted and fees are on a sliding scale based on income.  Please call (409)833-2668 for an appointment.

by Judy Bolton, LPC