24-Hour Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline 409-832-7575 or 1-800-621-8882

Perpetrators of domestic violence can change. At Family Services, we have a Texas accredited Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program that is extremely successful.

Because our goal is to strengthen the family, we do not demonize or judge the batterer. Instead we focus on helping them confront their abusive behaviors that center around their fundamental beliefs about power and control in relationships.

The Program is a group (usually men). Our counselor helps focus the group on the nature of family violence, changing beliefs and attitudes that lead to violence, and providing strategies on developing an equal and supportive relationship.

The following video is a candid interview with a male batterer who has completed a similar course.

Video Credit: Travis, Duluth men’s group from Peter Cohn on Vimeo.  Video Transcript

Family Services’ Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program can create change, if the batterer is open and willing to make that change.  We are proud to say that last year, the program’s recidivism rate was less than 5%!

Batterers can enter the program voluntarily.  They may also be referred by CPS, local law enforcement, or the criminal justice system.