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One in five adults experience a mental health disorder each year.1

Mental health issues can be more disabling than deafness or severe vision loss.

More Americans are expected to die this year by suicide than in car accidents.3

The way that each of us views mental health can impact those around us.  Consider this:  If someone you were close to was in poor physical health wouldn’t you do everything you could to help them heal?

Our attitudes toward mental health should be no different.  So, how do we know if someone in our lives is struggling with mental illness?  The Campaign to Change Direction teaches these five easy to recognize signs:

1. Showing sudden or gradual personality changes

2. Acting angry, agitated or moody more than usual

3. Becoming withdrawn from other people

4. Making bad choices like abusing drugs or alcohol, poor self-care and other self-destructive behaviors

5. Expressing hopelessness

Learn the five signs and if you recognize that someone in your life is suffering, offer help.

Remember, the person may not have the will or drive to help him or herself.  Show compassion and caring and help them find the solution.  It may take more than one offer.  You may need to engage others that care about this person and are concerned for their well-being.

Family Services of Southeast Texas is here to help.  We offer counseling services for individuals and families on a sliding fee scale.  Call 409-833-2668 for an appointment.

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2 Mental Health First Aid
3 www.changedirection.org